About Us

  • This is the story of the rushing parent getting their child ready to come to church because they want them to learn these sacred stories;
  • This is the story of women coming together to raise money for outreach to the world and an accessibility within our church;
  • This is the story of men lugging saws and sanders to enhance our beautiful space in which to worship;
  • This is the story of young women coming together over a meal to meet new people and to share their own stories;
  • This is the story of song writers and musicians performing in our sanctuary to the delight of the crowd, showing that church can be many things; this is the story of young men standing around after church talking about sports as kids run laps around them;
  • This is the story of Church School teachers who are over-worked all week long and who come on a Sunday morning to a small face who is so happy to see them because sharing faith with a child is an honour;
  • This is the story of the many children who gather at St. John's and share their wisdom with us that church should always be a little fun, and sometimes a lot noisy!
In her novel Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko writes,

"I will tell you something about stories. They aren't just entertainment. Don 't be fooled. They are all we have, you see, all we have to fight off illness and death. You don't have anything if you don't have stories."

Stories are what we read first thing in the morning paper, or listen to on the news. They are what we read to our children at night before going to bed. Then there are the stories that have the power to transcend time and even life itself.

Our church's story is vibrant, positive, and alive because of each of you. This has been an exciting year of challenge and change as we sit on the corner of Alma and Victoria. We have had parties together, as we did in the rain and snow at Centennial Park; and we have said good bye to long-time friends who have supported this church for many years. We have married couples, beginning a new stage of life together; we have baptized babies; we have celebrated the lives of people we don't know and shared in the grief of those who loved them; we have broken bread and poured wine at the table together; we have hosted concerts, in particular the Celtic Tenors who symbolized a musical union of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Presbyterians from their native Dublin. As one of them said to me, "We love singing in beautiful churches like yours. We really feel that we are about harmony and unity between people of different beliefs."

Our commitment as St. John's United Church is to provide a church that enriches the spiritual lives of people, children and adults alike, through prayer, music, preaching, education, fun and humour. We see the value in providing quality entertainment for our congregation and the city of Moncton (and beyond) to enhance the cultural scene in the downtown core. And we are committed to being the home of the ecumenical ministry of the Karing Kitchen that serves over 100,000 meals a year.

Leslie Marmon Silko writes,

"...there is life here for the people. And in the belly of this story the rituals and the ceremony are still growing."