You are warmly invited to join us this Christmas as we celebrate the season with special services.

December 21st - Our Sunday service will be led by the children who will tell the wonder of Christmas in music and stories.

December 24th - 4pm Family Service. Again this year we are offering a chance for families to come and share the excitement that is Christmas Eve. Here, we hope the little ones will feel free to be as energetic and loud as they want to be without worrying about it. Special acoustic music is planned as well as candle lighting. All are welcome!

December 24th - 7pm Lessons and Carols. This service is crafted to be the quieter version of Christmas Eve as we share the story from scripture and reflect on its meaning in our present day. We will also be lighting candles at the end of the service to share the light of Christ. Special music by the choir and acoustic sets will be shared as well.

December 28th - First Sunday after Christmas, we will gather to share in the music and light of the season, as we sing carols and give thanks.